Small Mom and Pop, sleepy little hide out, on Federal Hwy across from the airport. Not fancy, but fancy isn't for everyone.

The marina is wet slips only. The ocean is 20 minutes down the Dania Cut Canal. No bridges, really convenient. They have covered slips which is really nice. It's like a parking garage. Put your keys in and go. When we load up the boat we aren't sweating to death and the boat stays clean. There's maybe 1 or 2 marinas that have that in all of Lauderdale.

Worth mentioning, our neighbor just got his center console repowered by the Yamaha mechanic on site. The guy has a full shop and parts for sale. I think he does mostly the bigger engines. The repower was 300's.

They just got a new sticker guy who does port of call's and names on the boat. He's a total local, but always busy.

If you want to drool, take a trip to the office and check out all the fancy Jupiter Boats for sale. Those things are like the Ferrari's on water.

You'd never guess it, but "The Cozy" has a lot going on. Locals seem to know about it, but that's through word of mouth. A good ol' Mom and Pop is hard to come by so I'd say check it out. Glad I did.

Dave smith, dolore ipsum

What I love about Cozy Cove is all the good stuff that comes with being a part of this community - they have a restraurant on location, they sell boats in their showroom, they have the option for covered slips and uncovered, showers and bathrooms, and what I appreciate the most is if I have any problem down on my dock or need help - anything - someone will solve it. Everyone who works there is very personable and will take time out of their busy day for us. Their service manager helped my Dad find a part that he couldn't for the life of him get.
The marina is very pretty. The fact that they have covered slips this close to the intercoastal is the best kept secret in my opinion. My family has a 56' boat, and to keep that completely covered year round is wonderful. We even go down and have lunch on the boat before we leave just to have the nice shade and be outside!
They sell a few different boat lines as well, Regulator and Bahamas are two I know of as I have checked them out!

Mr. John Anderson, Designer